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The Force USA Hex Trap Barbell is ideal for deadlift, shrug and explosive plyometric movements such as the deadlift jump. Solid in construction and effective in design, the Force USA Hex Trap Barbell is a more efficient solution over using a traditional barbell. Using traditional barbells for deadlifts and shrugs can exacerbate lower back injuries and pain. Performing the deadlift or shrug with a Force USA Hex Trap Barbell positions the user within an ideal movement plain to shift any strain away from the lower back and focus the required power to come from the intended area, the quadriceps in particular, allowing the ability to load a greater amount of weight to the bar and achieve more rapid gains.
Force USA Hex Trap Barbells are constructed with SteelForce structural integrity and have a static tested rating of 1,000lb!
– Manufacturer: Force USA
– Usage: Home, PT Studio or full commercial fitness centre
– Bar Weight: 20kg
– Length: 166cm
– Loadable Sleeve Length: 26.5cm
– Sleeve Diameter: Olympic 50mm
– Grip Diameter: 30mm
– Grip Knurling: Diamond
– Handles: Raised and base, both rotating
– Static Testing: 1,000lb
– Extras: Collars and rubber seal stoppers included
– Carton: 117 x 79 x 8cm
– Carton Weight: 22kg